Succeeding in the World of Business

Succeeding in the World of Business

3 Business Benefits of Wireless Networking

Marie Henderson

If you're installing a new business network, then now may be a good time to go wireless. What are the advantages of adopting wireless networking solutions in your offices? 

1. Move Towards Flexible Working

A wired business network has some disadvantages that might affect how you and your employees work both inside and outside your offices. For example, you might find that a wired network restricts the way you can work. If you're fully wired, then anyone who wants to go online through your company network will need to work on a computer that is plugged into the network. Getting access from other devices and other locations won't necessarily be easy.

If you go wireless, then you can create a more flexible working environment. Your people can access your network from anywhere in your offices. They aren't tied to a desk or a specific computer.

This freedom of movement and connection makes it easier for you to adopt different work modes. For example, it's a lot easier to hot-desk or work from home on a wireless network. Your employees can access the network quickly and efficiently even when they aren't in the building.

2. Get an Easier Installation

Setting up a new wired network can take time and money. This can also be an invasive process. You have to work out ways to get the cabling you need through your building and into all the right places. If you work in an older building, then you might not have easy access all of the time. So, you might have to adapt your network build to bypass some inaccessible areas. Your network might not work as efficiently as it could if it can't follow a logical structure.

Wireless networking builds don't need an extensive cabling network. You simply create a few access points. These points give a wireless connection to multiple users. Your build is quicker and more cost-effective.

3. Simplify Future Upgrades

Technology changes all the time. Even if you install a state-of-the-art network now, it might look obsolescent in a few years. Also, you might find it hard to upscale a wired network if your business grows quickly.

The cables you install now might not be advanced enough to work with future networking technologies or your expansion needs. You might have to strip them all out and replace them over time. A wireless system is typically a lot easier to upgrade both in equipment and service terms.

To find out more, contact business wireless networking services.


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