Succeeding in the World of Business

Succeeding in the World of Business

A Guide On Certified Data Protection Officer Training

Marie Henderson

Organisations that handle personal data require the services of a data protection officer. The officer helps the organisation comply with the various data protection laws and prevents personal and sensitive data from leaking. This excerpt details the work of data protection officers and how you can become a certified data protection officer. 

What Is The Work of Data Protection Officers? 

The primary role of data protection officers is safeguarding personal information handled by the organisation. The data protection officer will also: 

  • Develop and review the organisation's data protection policy.
  • Training staff on the handling and use of personal data.
  • Assess the need for enhanced data protection measures. For instance, changing technologies could compel the organisation to invest in high-tech software to prevent data loss or phishing.
  • Ensure compliance with the national data protection laws. 

Certified Data Protection Officer Training 

There are two approaches to data protection training. You could pursue the course and make it your career or you could study data protection as a continuous professional development course. It is especially so when working in a small firm where the services of a data protection officer are on a need-be basis. 

You will find many data protection courses. Consider the following when choosing a data protection officer course.

Examine The Accreditation

Start by asking which body certifies the training. Ideally, you should check if the certification body is recognised in your state or country. Otherwise, your training could become void. Conduct due diligence to ensure that the certifying body has a reputation for quality training and providing support services to its trainees. 

Check The Course Material

What does the training encompass? The course should comprise all aspects of data protection. In addition, it should educate you about the data protection laws in your country and state. Remember, these laws could vary across various jurisdictions. The course should also teach management skills since you will take a leadership role when enforcing data protection policy in your organisation. 

Evaluate Your Trainer's Experience

Ideally, your trainer must have adequate experience in the field. Remember, you want a trainer that can give real-life experiences and the challenges that you will encounter on the job. A trainer experienced in your industry will impart the skills you need to protect data in your organisation. Besides experience, you should also examine personal attributes such as communication skills and the patience to teach. 

Training Flexibility 

New students may not be concerned about the teaching methodologies since they are available 24/7. However, it becomes a concern if you will still be working once you enroll. Some programs will offer online lessons while others will organise weekend or evening sessions for busy students. There are many certified data protection officer training facilities so just make sure to pick the one that is right for you.


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