Succeeding in the World of Business

Succeeding in the World of Business

Does the Outside of Your Home Need More Light?

Marie Henderson

Are you looking for a way to brighten the exterior of your home? Unless your property is directly next to a streetlight, it's easy for the outside of the building to look dark and forbidding. By fitting a WiFi-controlled neon RGB LED strip light to the exterior of your home, you can have as much light as you need. Outside lights can serve many purposes. Outside lighting can welcome you home in the evening so that you can get out of your car with confidence and make your way to the front door even when it is dark in the evening. Outside lighting is also a good way to improve security for your property. Opportunistic thieves are much less likely to approach a property if they know that everything they do will be visible from the road and seen by everyone who passes by. Certain types of outdoor lighting can also mark celebrations and family events or highlight the architectural features of your building.

Why choose WiFi-controlled neon RGB LED strip light?

If you have been considering installing outdoor lighting on your property, you will know that many options are available. You could choose anything from a single light located above your door to a series of lights running down your driveway and bathing your garden in a permanent blaze of light. An LED strip light is one of the most configurable of these options and one of the easiest to control. Here are two reasons that you should consider fitting a strip light.

No physical contact needed

Once it has been installed, you won't need to approach the light to adjust it or turn it on or off. You do not even need to look for a wall switch to control the light. A WiFi-controlled strip light can have all of its features operated via an app on your phone, so you won't even need to move from your seat on the sofa to adjust your lights until they work the way you prefer.

Everything is adjustable

Unlike conventional light fittings, LED bulbs are more configurable. You should be able to adjust the hue and intensity of the lights. You should also be able to change the colours and patterns of the strip light and the speed of the pattern movement. You are unlikely to want the strip light operating all day, so the app should offer you the ability to set whatever schedule you want for the lights.


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